october, 2020

wed14octAll Daysat24SHORTS PROGRAM 1: COMEDY(All Day) VirtualEvent Type :Shorts Program



Wed, Oct 14, 2020 to Sun, Oct 24, 2020


Event Details

Shelter in Place directed by Rachel Luttrell-Bateman
Forced to stay at home with their two kids during a Pandemic, a couple struggles to keep their sanity and their marriage together.

Boys & Toys directed by Kevin P.
Alexander 30-something Abby hits on a younger guy at a bar and things get awkward when it turns out she already knows him.
Love You Tyler directed by Devon
Diffenderfer, Ari Itkin When Luke starts to talk about his new girlfriend, Tyler, who happens to have the same name as his roommate, things get a little awkward.
Sofa So Good directed by Noa Osheroff
In the streets of New York, a young woman is relentlessly, stubbornly and desperately looking for a sofa.
Mustache directed by Harris Gurny
A suburban mother conjures her son’s worst anxieties when she asserts her opinion on his facial hair.
Session in Progress directed by Daniel Hurwitz
A guy who wants his therapist to like him gets jealous of another patient’s laughter-infused sessions.
Hayseeds directed by Tyler Graham Pavey, Martha Magruder
A couple of rural gals decide to run away from their husbands, but first they try to rob the one convenience store in town to finance their escape.
Sticker directed by Georgi M. Unkovski
After an unsuccessful attempt to renew his car registration, Dejan falls in a bureaucratic trap that tests his determination to be a responsible father.
Rarepublic (Niepospolita) directed by Tomasz Dobosz
Based on a true story, a famous writer travels around Poland with his charming assistant and interviews all sorts of achievers.
What do we do? directed by Roderick Fenske
Some employees of a massive corporation make the mistake of actually questioning their purpose.
Sugarcoated directed by Gregor Campbell
In an office building full of cute cuddly characters, a petty workplace dispute leads Mr Marshmallow to learn that his coworkers aren’t so cute and cuddly deep down.